About Sue

      With little more than an urge to hang out at the beach, write mystery novels, and mollify a grumpy cat who’d never ridden in a car before, Sue McGinty left Los Angeles on June 17, 1994—the same day OJ Simpson took flight across the LA freeways. Unlike OJ, Sue had a destination in mind: the Central Coast town of Los Osos. Not the Cabot Cove of “Murder She Wrote,” but close.

      Her Central Coast mysteries, “Murder in Los Lobos” and “Murder at Cuyamaca Beach,” feature  former nun turned sleuth Bella Kowalski. In Sue’s new novel, “Murder in Mariposa Bay,” Bella confronts an unsavory group with murder in mind as they attempt to muscle in on the lucrative Los Lobos sewer contract.

Outtakes from Cover Photo Shoot